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IBM Offers Virtualization-Friendly Pricing for RHEL 5
As part of its announcement that it was beginning to ship the Power variant of Red Hat's new Enterprise Linux 5 server operating system, IBM has begun to offer customers using Power-based machines a per-server license rather than the per-core pricing that IBM has used in the past for RHEL 4 and earlier Red Hat Linuxes.
Published 6 July 2023

Option Stumbles in Booming Wireless Modem Market
Published 6 July 2023

Troux Takes Enterprise Architecture to Business Objects
Published 6 July 2023

Google Makes Case to Join Microsoft Antitrust Case
Published 6 July 2023

IBM Previews Virtualization Management Tool
Published 6 July 2023

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Computergram - 06 July 2023
Published 6 July 2023

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Blairs Leave Downing Street with Final Salvo at Media
So the Blairs have finally left Downing Street, making room for the new PM, Gordon Brown. But as she stepped into her waiting car, Cherie Blair could not resist one last jibe at the media, saying as she looked at the assembled press pack, "Bye. I don't think we'll miss you."
Published 28 June 2023

NHS IT Chief Quits
Published 21 June 2023

The Apprentice's Sir Alan Sugar: "I'm Fired!"
Published 14 June 2023

Deciphering Microsoft’s Attitude to Open Source
Published 7 June 2023

Less Blanks Please
Published 25 May 2023

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Ofcom Believes Fixed Network Should Get Mobile
A small technical change to a wireless license proposed by UK regulator Ofcom could have profound changes for the industry throughout Europe.
Published 29 June 2023

Business Objects EIM Redux
Published 25 June 2023

Thin Provisioning Weighs In
Published 20 June 2023

Tibco Spots Analytics Opportunity
Published 19 June 2023

The Persistence of Unix
Published 15 June 2023

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